What we do

Jaya Psychology Consulting provides assessments of young people’s mental health and development in keeping with best practice guidelines, as well as evidence-based psychological therapies.


Mental health assessments

Mental health assessments where there are concerns about a young person’s mood, anxiety or emotional wellbeing, with recommendations for further supports and therapy if indicated.

Attachment assessments

Attachment assessments for children and young people who have had difficult early experiences such as neglect or abuse and who are presenting with problems with regulating their emotions and behaviour and accepting safe and appropriate care when this is available. I can provide recommendations in relation to therapeutic support and appropriate placements.

Developmental assessments

Developmental assessments for younger children can identify whether their motor skills, speech, understanding and social and emotional development are in the normal range. Early identification of developmental delays enables timely onward referral and access to therapeutic interventions to support the child’s development.

Cognitive assessments

Cognitive assessments are completed to identify intellectual disability, areas of cognitive strength and weakness or giftedness.

Autism assessments

Diagnostic assessments for Autism are completed in keeping with best practice guidelines. Information is always obtained from multiple sources including school, home and the clinic setting. I utilise the ADOS and ADI-R, which are considered the gold standard assessment tools in this area. Where indicated, I complete assessments with a Speech and Language Therapist or Occupational Therapist.


Psychological therapy sessions including the following approaches:

Cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT)

This is the treatment of choice for difficulties with depression and low mood, anxiety disorders including social anxiety, phobias and obsessive-compulsive disorder and difficulties with self-esteem. I have completed training in many CBT approaches as well as providing training workshops on using CBT with young people. For very young children, parents play a key role in therapy and can support children to implement CBT strategies to tackle their problems.

Therapy sessions for children with Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability and AutismĀ 

I provide therapeutic intervention for behaviour management, supporting communication including PECS, sleep difficulties, toileting and feeding.


I provide training sessions on child and adolescent mental health, child development and developmental disorders including Autism. I also provide workshop-based training on areas such as promoting mental health within schools, strategies to support children with additional needs and Autism-specific approaches.